Japanese Food & Restaurant Virtual Expo 2021

September 13-17, 2021

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New York

September 13, 2021

10am - 7pm EST

Los Angeles

September 14, 2021

1pm - 9pm PST


September 15, 2021

9am - 6pm HST


Each year Mutual Trading Group hosts the Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo to showcase Japanese food, alcoholic beverages, and restaurant supplies. For the health and safety of our loyal customers, vendors and staff, this year we have decided to take our trade show into the virtual space. Just like our in-person JFRE, attendees will be able to speak directly with representatives at each vendor booth to discover new product, gather information and even place orders.


New York - Monday, September 13th

time icon2021-09-13 10:30:00

Forging Ahead

Forging Ahead:

Once heavily male-dominated industries are slowly changing and women are beginning to join the top ranks. We will welcome special guest Michiko Kubota from famed knife maker Sakai Takayuki who will connect with us LIVE from Japan to demonstrate the art of meikiri (name engraving) as well knife handle installation. We’ll also sit down for a chat about the knife-making industry, how she found success, and some of the challenges she had to overcome on her journey.

One lucky attendee will win a custom engraved Sakai Takayuki knife!

speaker headshot

Michiko Kubota
Sakai Takayuki - Aoki Hamono

time icon2021-09-13 13:00:00

Cross Cultural Cuisine

The word “fusion” often evokes negative reactions, but when done right, the mixing of different culture’s cuisines can lead to some of the most innovative and delicious dishes. We’ll talk with Christine Lau, executive chef of Kimika restaurant in Nolita, on how she honors the authenticity of Italian and Japanese ingredients and techniques as well as drawing inspiration from her personal experiences to come up with her creative menus.

speaker headshot

Christine Lau
Kimika NYC

time icon2021-09-13 15:00:00

Shochu 101

Shochu 101

Hosted by Sake School of America’s Rachel Fiekowsky

What’s the difference between soju and shochu? How can I incorporate shochu into my cocktail menu? How do I introduce shochu to my customers? We’ll answer these questions and more in this introduction to shochu!



speaker headshot

Rachel Fiekowsky

time icon2021-09-13 18:00:00

Sake Revolution Podcast LIVE with Special guests from the Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute

Join us for a special live episode of the acclaimed Sake Revolution Podcast with hosts Timothy Sullivan and John Puma. They’ll chat everything sake and have an in-depth conversation with Brand Ambassador Gordon Heady and legendary Toji, Naohiko Noguchi, from the Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute. Attendees will have a rare opportunity to ask the hosts and guests any burning sake questions.


speaker headshot

Timothy Sullivan

speaker headshot

John Puma

Los Angeles - Tuesday, September 14th

time icon2021-09-14 16:30:00

Towards Business Recovery: Optimizing the Core Liquor Program

 LIVE Streaming: 1:30 PM (PDT) 



RIGHT NOW is the most imperative time for restaurants to get back on the right track towards business recovery, and here to support on that quest is a guide to optimize your core liquor programs. Mutual Trading, in close partnership with affiliated breweries, has long built a wealth of expertise to spearheaded the Japanese liquor category and to better empower clients through quality products, information, skills, and inspiration. 

You’ll hear of our acclaimed liquor programs which continue to evolve to stay at the forefront of the industry. See the breadth of the program showcasing key liquor brands as well as other exciting products that complement the diverse liquor portfolio. Featuring the Sake School of America and other educational services, you will meet the team of Certified Sake and Shochu Advisers, and the members of our esteemed Sake Specialist team.

speaker headshot

Toshi Kayama
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

speaker headshot

John Bixler
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

speaker headshot

Zoë Woodard
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

speaker headshot

Eda Vuong
Sake School of America / Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

speaker headshot

Atsuko Glick
Sake School of America / Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

time icon2021-09-14 17:00:00


 LIVE Streaming: 2:00 PM (PDT) 


  • 想知道日本有多少家清酒酿造厂及产地吗?
  • 想知道日本清酒的酿造工艺流程吗?
  • 想知道日本清酒分类及品味方法吗?
  • 想知道日本清酒与各种料理匹配的方法吗?
  • 想知道MUTUAL TRADING Co.荐酒师首推的铭酒吗?
speaker headshot

Yuko Zhu
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

time icon2021-09-14 17:30:00

성공적인 비즈니스를 위한 파트너 뮤추얼 트레이딩, 그곳이 궁금하다

 LIVE Streaming: 2:30 PM (PDT) 


세계적인 코로나 19 팬더믹 상황이 장기화하고 있는 가운데 가까운 시일 내 개선된 조짐이 보이지 않고 있습니다.
그러나 우리는 성공적인 비즈니스를 위한 열정은 잠시도 멈출 수 없습니다.

Mutual Trading은 매년 Pasadena에서 개최하던 Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo를 모든 참가자분들의 건강과 안전을 위해 Online에서 2021 Virtual Expo로 개최합니다.

여러 행사 중 하나로, 9월 12일 2시 30분부터 20분간 진행하는 Webinar는 한국 고객에게 감사를 전하자 한국어로 진행되며,
최근 이전한 Mutual Trading의 새 본사를 같이 둘러보고 일식 비즈니스의 최신 경향에 관해 이야기하는 특별한 시간을 준비했습니다.

speaker headshot

Glenn Lee
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

speaker headshot

Sijung Kim
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

time icon2021-09-14 18:00:00

Los Secretos de Dashi

 LIVE Streaming: 3:00 PM (PDT) 


Como preparar Dashi tradicionalmente, preparación, como utilizarlo correctamente y usos.  

speaker headshot

Yasuo Ishii
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

time icon2021-09-14 19:00:00

Mostrando las nuevas tendencias en los productos de Mutual Trading

 LIVE Streaming: 4:00 PM (PDT) 


Primer Seminario Virtual en español para profesionales de la comida japonesa.

Introducción a los productos y servicios de Mutual Trading, incluyendo la presentación de nuevos productos orientados a satisfacer las nuevas tendencias del Mercado.

speaker headshot

Yasuo Ishii
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

speaker headshot

Enrique Yamashiro
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

time icon2021-09-14 19:30:00

Sneak Preview: Introducing a New Sake That’s Got a Touch of Rock

 LIVE Streaming: 4:30 PM (PDT) 

Presented by: Inter-State Dept.

Do you have a business out of state or planning to open one?
We’ll be your guide!

And don’t miss out on the sake that will flip the sake world. 


LIVE Q&A after the video!

speaker headshot

Inter-State Dept.
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

time icon2021-09-14 20:00:00

黒潮本鮪の魅力と解凍方法/Mutual Trading 会社紹介

 LIVE Streaming: 5:00 PM (PDT) 




speaker headshot

Tetsuji Tahara
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

speaker headshot

Hiroki Kishi
Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

Hawaii - Wednesday, September 15th

time icon2021-09-15 16:00:00

Why Miyachiku-Wagyu, superior brand?

 LIVE Streaming: 10:00 AM (HST) 

No. 1 Wagyu in Japan offered by Miyachiku Coop that won three consecutive Championship at the Japan Wagyu Olympics.

speaker headshot

Wesley Sakamoto & Garrett Low
The Cherry Co., Ltd.

time icon2021-09-15 17:00:00

Affordable Eco Friendly containers

 LIVE Streaming: 11:00 AM (HST) 

Sharing the vision for providing earth friendly products by replacing plastic and foam products

speaker headshot

Wesley Sakamoto & Garrett Low
The Cherry Co., Ltd.

time icon2021-09-15 20:00:00

How to create a profitable sake program

 LIVE Streaming: 2:00 PM (HST) 

Whether you're thinking about adding sake to your menu, but not sure about how to serve and sell sake, or you already have sake on your menu and looking for ideas to enhance the program, this webinar will show you how to create and maintain a profitable sake program for your restaurant or bar.  We will touch on the topics of pricing, serving size and glassware, hot and cold sake, and point of sale service.

speaker headshot

Keith Nakaganeku - Certified sake sommelier
The Cherry Co., Ltd.

time icon2021-09-15 21:30:00

Plant-based "meats" not just for vegans anymore

 LIVE Streaming: 3:30 PM (HST) 

Meat substitutes have been around for decades now with constant improvement from the first salty cardboard offerings, but they have always been just shy cousins of their meaty relatives. Until now. Omni Pork has created a soy, coconut and wheat-based luncheon meat that isn't just reminiscent of a Hawaiian staple for musubis, they exceeded all expectations and made it versatile and flavorful enough to stand on its own. They also have a ground plant-based "meat" that simply yet texturally can easily replace ground pork in almost any dish. But we're not going to show you just any dishes, 4 student chefs from Kapiolani Community College's Culinary Academy have pulled out all the creative stops and designed 4 amazing dishes any restaurant would be happy to serve.

Join us to explore these new products and hear about the difficulties and joys the chefs faced in working with the OmniPork Luncheon and Ground.

speaker headshot

Scott Ritchie & Carl Uyehara
The Cherry Co., Ltd.

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